OIL – The appearance of oil and gas dates back to 1901 in the White Castle area. Oil and gas were an important contributing factor to the community’s early economy.

CYPRESS – As early as 1856, a saw mill was erected on Lone Star Plantation near the settlement of White Castle. White Castle Lumber & Shingle Company came in existence in 1889 and gave birth later, to the White Castle Cooperage Company.


SUGARCANE – In 1851, there were 133 sugar mills in Iberville Parish, White Castle and its sister community Bayou Goula, were splendidly represented in this listing. It has been realized that sugarcane has been the mainstay of the White Castle Community and its area, and come to this present day.

WATER – In considering the geographical location of White Castle, it is highly important to note that water flows at its front door and at its back door as well. With the mighty Mississippi River at its front door and the magnificent Atchafalaya Basin, White Castle claims a unique distinction in concert with its sister communities of Iberville Parish.

RELIGION – Religion is at the very heart of living in the White Castle Community. It is symbolized on the official coat of arms, by the giant cross which crosses the work of art. It must be remembered that it was near the Town of White Castle, at Bayou Goula, that the Jesuit Father DuRu established the first Catholic Church in Louisiana.


ARCHITECTURE – The blossoming of Nottoway Plantation, the largest antebellum home in the South, as a major tourist attraction of Louisiana, is supreme evidence that the rich land, industrious people, and great promise of the area, expressed itself in architecture as great as that of Nottoway and of the ill- fallen Belle Grove, to that of the humbly dignified, yet grand lines of Forest Home.

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  1. John A. Iennusa,Sr.

    In looking at your website, you have placed Oak Alley Plantation below the subject of Architecture and speak of Nottoway. Why not put a picture of Nottoway instead of Oak Alley which is upriver from Nottoway. I have been at Nottoway many times and like Oak Alley it is very beautiful and also has much history.

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